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We are a couple that likes to travel and take photos. Here are all of our trips!

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Hi, nice to meet you!

We are Esmé & Thushara. We are both Dutchies of foreign descent. And we like to travel as much as we can.

Let's start by saying thank you for taking an interest in our travel adventrures. Unfortunately, at the moment due to.. reasons... we can't go out there as long and as often as we would like, but usually we try to venture out into the world for at least three times a year. Following this particular plan we like to travel once every Summer (our Big One), during NYE and somewhere around Spring break.

We also try to squeeze in as much city trips as possible. Because we live near the border in the very South of the country, both Belgium and Germany are never far away. This is a blessing for quick getaways to cities such as Cologne (Köln) or Aachen and Antwerp or Gent. Lucky for us, even Paris is within (sort of) reasonable driving distance!

This section of the website contains a summary of every destination we travelled to so far. Holidays, weekend and city trips, as well as short day trips. Just click on either Travel blogs or Day trips to find out more.

We hope you have fun reading our stories and enjoy our extensive photo galleries and of course we'd like to hear your feedback so please feel free to send us a message any time and if you want to follow us on social media: yes, we are on Instagram as well!


Esmé & Thushara

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