Wandering to far away places, documenting what's happening along the way: this is planet Earth

Planet Earth's Best

My hand-picked favourite images from around the world

This section contains the very best photos I ever took on planet Earth.

Around the world

All my travel destinations so far, in alphabetical order

This section contains all galleries from my travels that I found worthwhile sharing with you.

Breda Special

Home sweet home

Everything related to my home city of Breda in the South of The Netherlands.

Travelling and I

It's something I love. I mean, who doesn't? It's not only travelling itself, but also capturing those far away places. It doesn't need to be exotic, so it can literally be any place on the planet which also includes my own home town of Breda. What new destinations will be added to these sections is always a mystery, but plans are being made constantly and I'll update this page as soon as I get back.

Photographing far away places might be done in my spare time, on urbexing missions or onn a business assignment. But no matter what kind of travellin I do: whenever I step outside I have a camera on me everywhere I go. It does not per se stem from a fear of missing out. It's got nothing to do with fear, but it's more about always being able to take a decent shot since mobile phones are limited in terms of handling and/or image quality. When I am on designated photography trips I always bring two bodies and multiple lenses with me, depending on the nature of the trip.

Want to stay up to date about my travel photography? Be sure to check my BLOG and this page regularly. 

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