My prints everywhere

▼ "A family portrait" (Dec 2021)

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A FAMILY PORTRAIT - This family wanted a family portrait from the entire family on a special location. So we drove to Radio Kootwijk to take this photo amongst others. The final photo now hangs in the living room of nana. Very nice!

▼ "Flight of the Birds" (Feb 2021)

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CITY VIBES - My famous 'Flight of the Birds' caught Jasper van Beek's eye. After the photo arrived at his place he invited me personally to see the result for myself.The final product looks amazing in their house, especially on that size! These birds are now truly immortalized in their living room.

▼ "The Alps" (Jan 2021)

Untitled photo

DESIGN ENTHOUSIAST - This photo caught David's eye when he came across it on my website. He liked the image so much that he wanted this photo on the wall in his new apartment.

▼ "La Notre Dame de Breda" (Nov 2020)

Untitled photo

FRIENDLY GIFT - Myranda loved this photo so much that she reached out to me after having seen it on Facebook. Myranda on this beautiful plexiglass birthday surprise: "I'm very happy with this eyecatcher of 'La Notre Dame de Breda at dawn' on my wall!"

▼ "Girl on the Mastbos boardwalk" (Apr 2017)

Untitled photo

INSPIRATIONAL DISPLAY - The first ever photograph of mine on large print. Wies loved it instantly after having seen it on Facebook. The dimensions of this final print are quite spectacular. It's a genuine eye catcher. 

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