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Random photography issues from around the world from social media and my thoughts on them

► Lower shutter speed vs. increased ISO?

Which one is better and when to do what?

► Original batteries or third party?

Accessories are available for cheaper, but are they as good?

► Cameras vs. Phones

Compact vs. difficult lighting circumstances vs. telephoto zooms vs. ...

► Setting a price point

How much do you charge and why I think it's too low

► "Help! My images aren't crisp"

What is one way to improve your image quality?

► "Don't go to South Africa with a Z9"

Travelling with expensive gear to potentially hostile areas

► "It's the photographer that takes the photo"

The ancient photography mantra and how true it really is...

Social media is not only useful for sharing crazy cat videos. It can be properly implemented in any workflow and the field of photography is no different. I'm quite active on social media such as Facebook and Instragram where I like to meet new people and engage in conversations about photography.

I am a self-proclaimed Nikon expert and I like to share eveything I have learned during my career with the world. Don't get me wrong: I don't pretend to be the best or that I know everything, but I do have quite the extensive knowledge base accumulated over the years about all sorts of photography related topics.

Since rules are meant to be broken and I don't like to colour inside the lines all the time, here are questions and issues people posted on the internet along with my (often) extensive replies.

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