Random photography issues from around the world from social media and my thoughts on them

► Lower shutter speed vs. increased ISO? • Which one is better and when to do what?

► Original batteries or third party? • Accessories are available for cheaper, but are they as good?

► Cameras vs. Phones • Compact vs. difficult lighting circumstances vs. telephoto zooms vs. ...

► Setting a price point • How much do you charge and why I think it's too low

► "Help! My images aren't crisp" • What is one way to improve your image quality?

► "Don't go to South Africa with a Z9" • Travelling with expensive gear to potentially hostile areas

► "It's the photographer that takes the photo" • The ancient photography mantra and how true it really is

I am an expert and I like to share that knowledge with the world. Don't get me wrong: I don't pretend to be the best or that I know everything, but I do have gained extensive photography knowledge over the years.

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