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Food is not something you throw in between work and going to bed. It's something you really earned after a hard day's work. It's something both your body and mind need. Food equals life... quite literally. So you might as well enjoy it." - Esmé Wiskerke

A portrait of the chef...

If you think cooking is all about slaving away in the kitchen all day long and shedding blood, sweat and tears to squeeze out a decent meal then I used to think you were correct... but I learned something different since then.

Cooking doesn't have to be about endless repetition of the same meals week in week out. Or having a regularly scheduled Pasta Day or French Fries Day. Not that there's anything wrong with that but it's just not for us.

As it turns out it's not that much of a struggle to put something different and decent on the table each day. Something that is ready in a reasonable amount of time which is also healthy, fairly easy to prepare, and is a feast for the eyes and delicious too! - "Okay, great... How?"

The keyword here is: Planning. You have to plan everything in advance. From the buying of ingredients to the meals for each day of the week. Sounds like a lot of work but to simplify things in the kitchen first it has to get a little more difficult.

it's all about good preparation when doing your groceries. Because if you execute all the preliminary work correctly then the only thing you have to get right in the end in the kitchen is the timing when you are doing the actual cooking.

That's where I am in luck again because Esmé literally LOVES every aspect of this entire enterprise. From sorting out the recipes (like: months in advance) to making lists of all the required ingredients before going shopping and receiving them at the door later in the week. She often doens't even want my help with stowing everything away because... she likes that too! But of course I help out when needed.

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We have most of our groceries delivered from Picnic Online Supermarket

Getting our groceries this way is way more convenient. It saves a lot of time during the busy week and it's also fun, easy and causes less stress because we can go through the whole shopping experience without having to go through the hassle of actually going there which shopping at the actual supermarket definitely can be. Lastly, and we didn't expect this, but it's actually cheaper! (And not only because, for example, shopping in an actual supermarket when one is, say, hungry is a bad idea for both one's weight and wallet. Shopping from the couch definitely prevents this from happening).

Picnic truly has lower prices for 95% of the products we buy or need, compared to most of the regular supermarktes in our country. They make their door-to-door deliveries with carbon free electric vehicles and they don't have any physical supermarkets which saves money which in turn benefits us: the customers. 

Courtesy of: Picnic Online Supermarket

Kitchen magic

When Esmé is in the kitchen I just know it's going to be goooood

It's just that all of what she's bringing to the table is, simply put, nothing short of savory, very tasty and well prepared. Also, she's always trying out new dishes and combinations in the kitchen. She only cooks what she likes and it's also (almost) always healthy, low cost, mostly non-fat, low-carbs, low sugar and so on. Of course you won't lose weight per se when eating these highly tasty meals but you'll certainly won't gain much extra pounds as well either.

To sum up, there's always something new on the table: every single week. And: Yes, I also cook once in a while and enjoy it too. Yes, we do have favourite meals and there are definitely things that are on the menu more often, but other than that: for the both of us, our eating habits have become hugely diverse since we met. 

Every evening it's a surprise what's for diner again. And to top it of: this isn't just the case for the evening, because Esmé also enjoys making pies, cakes, breakfast surprises, lunch treats and so on... I am most certainly the luckiest guy in the world!

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The key is: combining

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It's quite simple: she prepares the food and I take the photos

Of course after I've taken the photos comes the final and most important step: we get to eat the food! (And afterwards there's always the slighty sad feeling that it's over and comes the inevitable waiting for the next day. So... without being overly dramatic and without further ado: here are all of the delicious results.

Below you will find galleries containing photos from every single dish Esmé has ever prepared and served us since we started this major undertaking. 

Be inspired and be sure to leave us a note!

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