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"I shoot stuff. Nice to meet you."

▼ #24 • SHOTS with Immer Hansi (pun intended!) (photo gallery)

16. Februar 2021 - Da ist Immer Hansi!

Immer Hansi is a year-round, all-seasons Dutch party act. Normally Carnival is hands down the busiest time of the year, but unfortunately due to Covid-19 things have been very quiet in the music and event industry during this time...

So a colleague and friend of mine submitted a request and he just showed up with his entire crew including the big red fire engine truck to perform especially for us for Carnival 2021 with lots and lots of... shots and Dutch Carnival craziness (can't be explained what that is. Please Google it). During the act I decided to take some... shots of him too (and party along Dutch style, of course).

This is concert and promotional photography, just on a regular street in the middle of a regular city neighbourhood. I'm sure the neighbours were very thrilled during the entire 30 minutes of his performance with loud music and other Dutch craziness in their street, but we had a blast anyway.

Immer Hansi, Immer Hansi, hey, hey, hey! Click on the photo to see the entire promo shoot. Sehr schön!

▼ #23 • Snow in Breda (2) (photo gallery)

9 February 2021 - Day and night.

In the afternoon I took a stroll through the neighbourhood, which was fairly cold and interesting. But now with the heavy snowfall going to freeze up soon in the coming days, I decided that I needed another series: a white city nighttime series.

One problem: we have a curfew here from 21:00-04.30h. Luckily it's Winter time, meaning that the sun is setting early. I just had to make it back home in time.

A silent white city is something I didn't have in my photo archives. Now I do and I am very happy with the results!

▼ #22 • Snow in Breda (1) (photo gallery)

7 February 2021 - Words cannot describe it. You just have to just see it!

The first heavy snowfall in three years - On this Sunday I woke up by myself at 06.45. Why? Lord knows, but I just woke up.. I immediately realised: "I have to get up, like right NOW..." I'll explain why: us Dutchies are familiar with snow and ice (we kick ass at the Winter Olympics on skating mostly), but it's become such a rare event in the last decade that this was about to be something special. The forecasts were true for once and the evening before it already had started snowing heavily. So... getting up, knowing that the world was going to be white when I would open the curtains te next day was basically feeling like... a belate Christmas! I mean, come on. You know the feeling?

It was still dark and after briefly checking my Golden Hour app (Android) which shows me when sunset and twilight and blue and golden hour are happening based on my current location, I decided to get up asap to go do a morning snowy-snow shoot. The earlier I was able to make my way into downtown Breda, the smoother the snow still would be. And that turned out to be true indeed. Granted, I wasn't the first to arrive. There's always earlier birds to the Early Bird and I ran into a guy who was already in the city at 04.30am (which is the time the Covid-19 curfew is lifted in The Netherlands). My morning shoot turned out to be awesome.

I returned home after 1,5 hours. (reason will be explained in the next blog) and around noon I headed out in the cold again. The afternoon shoot turned out even better because the people came out of hibernating and lockdowns and other misery to clearly celebrate this joyous occasion with Glühwein which was sold everywhere in the city at the windows of the bars and pubs that are closed for already close to a year. It was truly a magical Sunday. Something that the people weren't allowed to experience in a long time... Fun. Sheer joy. So much smiles and happy faces everywhere. A genuine moment op happiness during these dark times which was much needed and long overdue. 

Now go see those photos and be sure to drop a comment on my social media afterwards. Have fun!

▼ #21 • A new look and... a logo! (website restyling)

5 February 2020 - My website got a major overhaul!

My website is hosted by SmugMug. Since I'm a professional user and paying for an annual subscription plan, they me to almost totally tone down on the SmugMug look, except for the 'Powered by SmugMug on the very bottom'. The SmugMug elements are of course very present with the free version but can be almost completely hidden once you subscribe.

SmugMug is working tirelessly for me and doing a wonderful job in keeping my photos safe and secure. They are providing me with the possibility to really create my own style on their platform. So I decided to dive into the powerful and extensive SmugMug website tool and make this entire thing look gooooood.

Here are the most important new changes:

The entire website is now white and light and... clean looking... and in the top right corner (mobile: top) there's finally a professional logo! I also pulled back the curtains and got rid of the dark theme from before and I went with a bright new non-distracting look. This is in my opinion also a way more professional look. It's more in tune with what I want to represent as a brand and as a professional photographer for my audience and clients.

I also got rid of a whole bunch of unneccesary subpages and photo galleries. I updated my entire website menu and finally it's not possible anymore to suddenly navigate to the back end of the website, if you're not supposed to be there. There's now a clear separation from what I want to show YOU, my audience, on the website and what I actually need to show to my clients at the back end. All their galleries are hosted here too and everything is linked together.  

All of my other stuff, like projects that I'm currently working on or things I find worthy of showing that don't fit in my portfolio have now been moved to ...STUFFThis way it doesn't distract from the really essential... stuff on the site anymore which are my portfolio, this blog and the About Me section. These three sections are now being more prominently shown on top and STUFF is turned into a different, separated section. 

All of my social links are visible on the right as well (mobile: on top). You may always hit me up directly and show your appreciation in case you found something on my website that you liked or was useful to you. Be sure to drop me a line! I always reply as soon as I am able to! 

This entire social menu together with my clickable logo (which takes you back to the amazing slideshow on the homepage and can be viewed full screen. It has over 200 photos in it and can be paused and rewinded and forwarded too!) will stay on your screen at all times. Even when scrolling or resizing your browser window. It luckily does disappear when you want to view my photos in full screen mode to let you enjoy my photos without any distractions. Neat!

Now this site is finally worth showing and I hope it serves you well. If you have any comments or you have encountered something that doesn't work: please contact me and I will fix it as soon as possible. In the meantime I will keep up the good work and I will keep updating my blog and site regularly. Cheers!

▼ #20 • CrossMark Breda progress (2) (photo gallery)

25 January 2021 - 'Drie Hoefijzers Noord' which is part of CrossMark Breda is really coming along now.

The construction site around the city's railway station area is coming along great. I had a chat with the excecutor of the Fase 2 part of the construction project at the Stationslaan in Breda and I was allowed to create a unique photo series of the works. At the moment it's all still pretty muddy, due to the weather from the past weeks, but the progress is clearly visible. 

In the upcoming weeks I'm also doing new photo series at the BAM construction site and the one adjecent to the railway station, called Belcrumpoort.

Be sure to follow me to keep up to date with the works! 

▼ #19 • I joined the full frame game! (news)

19 January 2021 - The most important thing a photographer needs is... a camera.

I obviously did have one but I was thinking: what if that one fails, breaks or went missing somehow? Needless to say I found myself in need of a backup camera.

Since buying a second camera would also create room for technological improvent, I went with a full frame body this time and I added the Nikon Z6II mirrorless camera to my equipment. I already shot the first few gigs with it and the results are promising. The D500 is now my backup camera which will come in handy for gigs where I need two cameras. 

And now let's go shoot some photos!

▼ #18 • Sri Lanka in black & white (project: re-edit) (photo gallery)

9 December 2020 - Back in the late Summer of 2017 I went on a trip to Sri Lanka, which is my country of origin.

I took a ton of photos and didn't really know what to do with them all that time. It was in the beginning of my professional photography career and I just had bought my first semi professional DSLR: the Nikon D7200. I took it with me on this trip together with a Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 ART and a Tamron 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3 Di VC USD telephoto lens. 

I didn't know what I know now about photography and I've come a long way since then. I decided to pick my favourites again, re-edit my photos and convert the entire series to high contrast black & white and this is the result. Original material from 3 years ago, re-edited with the knowledge and skill of today.

Take a look and feel free to leave a comment on my social media at any time!

▼ #17 • Master classes & articles (photo courses)

24 October 2020 - Sharing knowledge is something I really like to do. So that's exactly why I expanded my website with a brand new section called Master Classes & Articles.

As a photographer you never stop learning. Since I became a professional I noticed that I learned so much along the way. When I look back and reflect on my old photos and edits I sometimes start doing re-edits, just to prove yo myself that it could've been better if I knew then what I know now. This also offers a great perspective for the future. What's there to come? What will I be able to do with my photography in a few years time and where will I be?

I always felt a need to share my knowledge it with the world. The photos sure are beautifull but the story of how they come to be is often neglected or not told at all. That needed to change and because I got that new Samyang lens a while back and took up nighttime shooting again, the first article I wrote is about ultra long exposure photography. 

Over time more and more articles on all sorts of photography related stuff will be added to this section, but for now you'll have to settle with ULE first.

Have fun reading and be sure to comment on social media or send me an e-mail via de contact form. 

▼ #16 • Indebuurtbreda.nl - In the papers! (published article)

16 October 2020 - What an honour: I got an interview in the local news paper.

The local branche of nationwide news agency Indebuurt.nl wanted to interview me about me and my photography. Here's the link to the article (Dutch). We had lots of fun and lots to talk about. Sadly, due to Covid-19 at the last minute the interview was done by phone in stead of in person, but now they owe me a coffee date!

Thanks, Jennifer & Daphne from Indebuurtbreda.nl!

▼ #15 • Samyang XP 10mm F3.5 (gear review)

15 October 2020 - In the pocket - My quest to find an ultra wide-angled lens has come to a successful conclusion 

After many long desk research sessions trying to find the ultimate and the widest super wide angle, I came across this tiny little thing. There's only one rectilinear lens which is even wider than this one but I was after premium pro grade quality and this one seems to be able to offer that. At least on paper. So I decided to rent it for a week before I considered purchasing it, to find out whether it really would live up to the expectations. 

You can read all about it in my brand new Gear section

▼ #14 • NextoDi to the rescue (gear review)

13 October 2020 - I bought this. As a professional photographer do you really need such a portable backup device? Yes! Where as a photographer in the analog age your photos were wasted if the film got exposed, data loss is a real risk in today's digital age. 

There's apparently plenty scenarios imaginable where would've been useful if you had a backup from freshly taken photos on the spot. it's of the greatest importance to avoid the loss of data. Imagine shooting a wedding and around diner time you discover that you're memomy card is faulty and it dies on you right there.. what do you do? You can't recreate the photos of the couple saying yes at the altar... Mass mayhem and dispair is the result and you'll wish you had never been born. Okay, maybe not that dramatic but still... I can conjur up even more of those dreadful scenarios to maybe emphasise the importance of having a good backup tool.

How important it really is and if the costs outweigh the risks are up to you. Find out more and read all about this photography gadget in this article. And don't worry... it's been safely tucked away in my brand new gear section.

▼ #13 • My home city from above (photo gallery)

11 September 2020 - Breda - the world from above is always something special.

On this beautiful Friday I got to charter a plane to do a few fly-bys over my own home city of Breda.

The weather was clear and the results are spectacular. During my 40 minute flight I managed to take a lot of photos. This gallery contains the 41 that stood out.

Enjoy Breda from above!

▼ #12 • A little bit of Rotterdam (photo gallery)

15 July 2020 - Rotterdam - A modern photogenic haven in a country littered with cities with historical city centres.

Yes, The Netherlands has some great city centres spread across the nation. Rotterdam however is unique and divergent of the rest. but the 'why' is a little more darker. This is because of the WWII bombings that left downtown Rotterdam in blazing ruins.

Sad for the city and its people back then because almost all the buildings were destroyed, but now, 70 years later, the city is modern skyscraper filled marvel which essentially grant Rotterdam the exclusive status of the only true modern day metropolis above all other Dutch cities. (Granted, the country is filled with modern sights but this city truly tops it all).

I made a small trip to and from Rotterdam and since I always have a camera with me, this is the result of today's trip.

Welcome to Rotterdam!

▼ #11 • Prooef - opening weekend (photo reportage)

14 July 2020 - Welcome at PROOEF! Owners Nynke and Bauke just had the opening weekend of their new venture at STEK Breda this very weekend.

Today I went down there to get myself a breaktfast and taste the perfect ambiance. How my experience was? Well, I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

I highly recommended going to PROOEF for a breakfast. It's open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday so I'd say: your weekend is definitely off to a good start at Prooef.

Thanks, Nynke & Bauke, for a great day today!

▼ #10 • Dutch views (2) (photo of the day)

9 July 2020 - Dutch landscapes are dull? No!

"Driving from and to work" isn't boring at all. It's never the same route because I drive all across the country for my work, litterally from Northern Friesland to Valkenburg, Limburg and from Enschede to Zeeland. It does mean however that I have to take the same highways around Breda from day to day because there aren't a lot of different options: we have the A16 highway (Breda-Rotterdam), the A58 (Breda-Tilburg-Eindhoven) and.... the A27 (Breda-Utrecht) and alongside the latter, there are these typically flat Dutch fields with sheep in them this time a year. 

Be sure to view it in full screen for an optimal viewing experience.

▼ #9 • Dutch views (1) (photo gallery)

4 July 2020 - The Netherlands is a flat country... like a pancake (for the most part)...

What do you think of when people talk to you about The Netherlands in terms of landscapes? Probably 'polders', windmills, a lot of water... Well, you're not wrong.

There's not much to say or see about so much cultivated land as the Dutch have. Yes, there's hills in the Eastern part of the country and mostly Southern province of Limburg, but that's about it.

It's a challenge to photograph landscapes like this. But I try to anyway. Here's my take on Dutch landscapes.

This gallery is continuously being updated

(19 photos)

▼ #8 • Choir Academy Breda (photo gallery)

27 June 2020 - Sacramentskoor Breda in transition

Along with a new image (of less Church and more choir) also comes a new name. Meet the Breda Choir Academy (Kooracademie Breda). It's going to be an institution which let's young children come in contact with music, singing and everything related. Sacramentskoor Breda is part of this new academy.

I did a first promo shoot with the kids and their teachers for the upcoming new website. We had fun and the photos turned out to be awesome.

Special thanks to the entire Sacramentskoor Breda team 

▼ #7 • Nature's wrath (photo gallery)

26 June 2020 - Bad weather is awesome

Quite the storm rolled over my homecity this late afternoon. Of course I had my camera ready so I decided to take some awesome photos of it.


(7 photos)

▼ #6 • The chosen one! (photo of the day)

25 June 2020 - Quite a big moment for me! One of my recent photos of the Notre Dame de Breda has been chosen for the Breda Shop Facade Project. What an honour!

There's a lot of vacant real estate in the city center of Breda at the moment. That doesn't look good for the city so together with InBreda Media they have set up this contest called #IKMAAKBREDAMOOIER. Everybody can submit a photo in this contest. The winners will be put onto the window of a vacant shop just to brighten things up a little, until a new business will launch in that particular building. Great move by the city to cover up all the vacant shops, right?

A photo of mine has been chosen. It's this (<) particular photo I posted not too long ago on my social media. It will be printed in live-size format and will be put on one of the vacant shopping locations in downtown Breda. But which one will remain a secret for a little while longer...

More news on the exact location will follow soon.

Special thanks to Bouke Tuit from InBreda Media for hosting this project.

▼ #5 • BRACK Breda (photo gallery)

18 June 2020 - Out with old, in with the... old! Giving buildings a second life instead of demolishing them is popular. It has and is being done in many cities all across the globe.

It's a (in some cases: newly found) way of a city being in touch with its own industrial past. Valueing that what is still standing, integrating it into the newer surroundings or finding new use for it.

This pacticular building in my hometown has been given a second life too. At the very end of the Speelhuislaan in Breda you can still find the building of the old paper processing factory of Van Puyfelik. Its machinery and business are long gone, but the remains of the huge complex are still standing. 

This is exactly where BRACK has set up shop. You can enjoy many, many locally brewed beers, good food and spectacular views in a truly unique industrial environment. There's full restaurant service, complete with bar, PIN, toilets and table service. Cool!


Speelhuislaan 175

Google Maps directions

(20 photos)

▼ #4 • CrossMark Breda progress (1) (photo gallery)

17 June 2020 - CrossMark Breda is the collective name for all the projects that are in progress right now and will be launching in the future along the train tracks of Breda (Spoorzone) from West to East and vice versa.

The official Breda Communication Office officially hired me last week to cover the progress of this vast area which covers everything from the new apartments that are being built right now at Driehoefijzers Noord to Belcrum (with BRACK, STEK and the Backer&Rueb area) and the former CSM grounds. Some parts of this major area are still in early development as we speak. They attracted me to do a lot of photography work to report on the progress of this vast area.

Follow all the news about this mega project on their website and socials. Also, my galleries will of course be updated as soon as I do other rounds. And since this is such a big project, there's plenty to take photos of within the upcoming weeks and months. Rest assured!

Special thanks to mr. Peter Jeucken from the Breda Communication Office for signing me for this project.

▼#3 • Say Hi to Interieurdesign|040 (published work)

16 June 2020 - Real world shooting - a business portrait

Corona is over! - (Well: no, but business-wise for me it is). Today I was out on the job doing a shoot for Interieurstudio|040. These three proud ladies own and run this Eindhoven based business.

It also was my first official job after months of Corona silence. So I made it count. We had great fun and a couple of good laughs and some nice results too. 

The article and interview, written by writer Nathalie Schalke and accompanied by my photos, will be published in MeubelPlus Magazine, a leading magazine in the Dutch interior design industry, as well as on their website in due time.

Special thanks to Nathalie Schalke for inviting me on this assignment.

▼ #2 • The Quiet City Project (photo gallery)

15 June 2020 - Since the Dutch authorities slowly start to loosen their grip on a society in lockdown bit by bit the streets, parks and highways are starting to fill up again. In other words: it's getting busier...

I have to admit I actually enjoyed having the city almost completely to myself the last few monts. I captured some amazing and unique desolate images and I want to share these with you guys. So, here's my take on 3 months of silence in the city of Breda (NL).

Doing these in colour didn't feel right so it's all being converted in post-processing to black and white to add even more dramatic effect to the silent streets and desolate scenes. In a few photos some colour is deliberately left in to let a particular scene stand out more.

Are you ready to walk with me through my quiet home city?

The Quiet City Project

March till May 2020

Breda, The Netherlands

(113 photos)

▼ #1 • #BLM Breda (photo reportage)

13 June 2020 - I went to photograph the Black Lives Matter demonstration in my home town.

The death of George Floyd sparked worldwide outrage and also didn't left my country and my city untouched. Inspite of the recent developments and restrictions revolving around the corona virus around 1.500 people showed up to show their support for the cause. Everybody kept their distance and followed the rules. 

Here's my photo report of the event.

Black Lives Matter demonstration Breda

13 June 2020 - 14.00h-15.30h

Chasséveld, Breda

(293 photos)

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