"Help! My images aren't crisp"

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"Took this photo with my Z6ii using 50mm adapted lens, f2, 1/640s. Matrix metering and I think areal mode wide-L, maybe single point. All my family pictures like this are not at crisp for faces. Any reccommendations? Should I have used my 24-200 f4-6.3 (z mount)?"

► My response

Have them stand way closer to you.

• Turn on Eye AF

• Set the camera in continuous focus mode (AF-C rahter than AF-S). People, although standing fairly still, tend to move. You'll need to compensate for that by choosing continuous AF tracking.

• This also means: a higher shutter speed, from 1/500-1000s. Keep an eye on your ISO!)

• Narrow the apeture slightly to say f/4-5.6 f/2 is too wide. Wide openvon that distance it will result in one person being in focus whole others that aren't on the same focal plane won't be. Meaning when shooting wide open: they preferably all have to be exactly at the same distance from the camera. There can't be people in the back or front. They have to be exactly next to one another.

Also: space creates better photos. Let them stand in front of the barn but not dead against it. A few meters towards you (you also back up a bit more) and youll immediately create depth of field in the photo , resulting in a more blurred out background. It's not about the barn. It's about the family. They have to be in focus. All the rest doesn't matter as much.

As a full time Nikon NPS professional I also use the Z6II as my FX camera. If images aren't good, it's not the camera: it's definitely me.

Feel free to ask me anything!

Greetings, TPJ Verhoeven Photography 

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